Birth Stories (E-book)


This e-book is comprised of birth stories that were previously published as articles in Midwifery Today magazine. This volume covers homebirth, hospital birth, twin birth, breech birth, VBACs, and waterbirth. Birth Stories is full of personal accounts written by mothers, fathers, and midwives, and is sure to be a treasured read, especially for the expectant parent.

This e-book can be downloaded in three formats.

  • PDF
  • EPUB – This can be used on most mobile devices except Amazon Kindle devices.
  • MOBI – This can be used on most mobile devices including Amazon Kindle devices.

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  • Chapter 1: “Homebirth through a Mother’s Eyes” by Mary Kury
  • Chapter 2: “Enoch’s Home Waterbirth after Four C-sections” by April Bailey
  • Chapter 3: “Father’s Experience of Birth” by Ervin Beachy
  • Chapter 4: “A Midwife’s Gift: Olivia’s Birth Story” by Laura Thompson Shive
  • Chapter 5: “Selah’s Beginnings” by Ian Penwell
  • Chapter 6: “Caleb’s Birth” by Nikki Dauphin
  • Chapter 7: “Husband-Assisted Homebirth” by John Paul
  • Chapter 8: “There and VBAC Again” by Kelcey Boyce
  • Chapter 9: “The Waterbirth of Maggie Cate” by Traci Coburn
  • Chapter 10: “Footling Breech: A Midwife’s Own Birth Story” by Veronica Wagner
  • Chapter 11: “Late in the Game” by Kelly Martin
  • Chapter 12: “Six Days, Two Healthy Babies, One Extraordinary Birth” by Lana Shlafer
  • Chapter 13: “Touched a Nerve” by Linda Magid
  • Chapter 14: “’Home Away from Home’ Birth” by Krista Cornish Scott
  • Chapter 15: “From Fear to Peace: Jeremy’s Birth Story” by Sarah David
  • Chapter 16: “The System That Worked” by Jenna Hull
  • Chapter 17: “The Perfect Mantra” by Kristin Love Nemzer
  • Chapter 18: “Pascual’s Beautiful Home Waterbirth in Malaysia” by Vanessa Beyer
  • Chapter 19: “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” by Michelle Vlad
  • Chapter 20: “Faith’s Birth: An Amazing Blessing” by Christa Bartley
  • Chapter 21: “The Power of Story” by Sister MorningStar
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