Breech Birth (E-book)


A comprehensive grouping of articles on the subject of breech birth. Some of the greatest minds in the natural childbirth world have articles featured in this little volume of necessary breech birth information. Authors featured include Michel Odent, Ina May Gaskin, and Gloria Lemay. A must-read for any midwife, obstetrician, or student of natural childbirth.

This e-book can be downloaded in three formats.

  • PDF
  • EPUB – This can be used on most mobile devices except Amazon Kindle devices.
  • MOBI – This can be used on most mobile devices including Amazon Kindle devices.

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  • Chapter 1: “The Safest Kind of Breech” by Marion Toepke McLean
  • Chapter 2: “A Happy Collaboration” by Joni Nichols
  • Chapter 3: “Bruno’s Birth Story” by Ada da Silva
  • Chapter 4: “Midwifery Model of Care: On Breech Birth” by Carol Gautschi
  • Chapter 5: “Pushing of Breech” by Elizabeth Smith
  • Chapter 6: “Thoughts on Breech Birth” by Gloria Lemay
  • Chapter 7: “A Not-So-Lost Art” by Danniele Carlisle
  • Chapter 8: “Instinctual Breech Birth” by Sister MorningStar
  • Chapter 9: “Breech Birth from a Primal Health Research Perspective” by Michel Odent
  • Chapter 10: “Miracle Birth” by Marlene Waechter
  • Chapter 11: “Human Rights for Breech Mamas” by Marion Toepke McLean
  • Chapter 12: “Effective Alternative Treatments for Breech Presentation” by Julie Brill
  • Chapter 13: “Beautiful Breech Homebirth” by Anonymous in Albuquerque
  • Chapter 14: “A Difficult Breech Birth” by Marion Toepke McLean
  • Chapter 15: “Three Surprise Breeches” by Ina May Gaskin
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