A Selection of Classes from Eugene 2011


Various speakers

Learn from the Eugene 2011 conference teachers with this selection of classes on a portable USB flash drive.

Shipping included.

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You will receive these classes from the Eugene 2011 conference  on a portable USB flash drive:

  • First and Second Stage Difficulties with Gail Hart and Vicki Penwell
  • Complete Physical Exam with Marion Toepke McLean
  • Herbs for Birth with Shonda Parker
  • Art of Midwifery with Elizabeth Davis
  • Third Stage Difficulties with Marion Toepke McLean
  • Hands-on Midwifery with Carol Gautschi
  • Suturing Overview with Marion Toepke McLean
  • Preterm Labor: Facts and Fantasies with Gail Hart and Carol Gautschi
  • Shoulder Dystocia with Ina May Gaskin and Elizabeth Davis
  • Hemorrhage and Third Stage Difficulties with Elizabeth Davis
  • Prolonged Pregnancy: Waiting with Watching with Worrying with Gail Hart and Michel Odent
  • Supporting Trauma and Abuse Survivors through Pregnancy and Postpartum with Maryl Smith
  • Prolonged Labor with Gail Hart and Mary Cooper

Shipping included.

  • Total length: Approximately 18.5 hours
  • Format: MP3  on a portable USB flash drive
  • Recorded: Midwifery Today Conference in Eugene, Oregon, 2011
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