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Midwifery Today, Inc., cannot be held responsible for natural disasters, labor strikes, acts of war, or other events that may cause the conference to be rescheduled. Midwifery Today, Inc., reserves the right to postpone the conference to another time, date and, if necessary, location. In the event of a conference postponement, no refunds will be issued. Registrants may transfer their fees toward any other Midwifery Today conference.

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Midwifery Today Conference

Eugene, Oregon, USA • October 16–19, 2022

Reclaiming Midwifery

Welcome to Eugene

Welcome to our Eugene 2022 conference. We are really excited to join with you for this, our 86th conference! We have learned a lot about what works best, after years of planning and carrying out these events. While meetings with many breakouts are nice for bigger conferences, since Covid-19 we have had fewer registrants and teachers, so have made all general sessions. We have learned that having everyone together, rather than in several breakouts, brings us closer. We leave each conference with strong friendships, after getting to know each other well. Together we make more future plans for changing the world of birth.

So, we invite you to join us for an intimate time at our next conference, in our beautiful hometown of Eugene, Oregon.

Conference Prices and Payment

Postmark on or before September 10, 2022
1-day: $130.00
2-day: $260.00
3-day: $335.00
4-day: $365.00
Subscriber/12-month online member (10% discount)
1-day: $117.00 (save $13.00)
2-day: $234.00 (save $26.00)
3-day: $301.50 (save $33.50)
4-day: $328.50 (save $36.50)
October 15, 2022 (in-office deadline)
1-day: $140.00
2-day: $280.00
3-day: $365.00
4-day: $395.00
Subscriber/12-month online member (10% discount)
1-day: $126.00 (save $14.00)
2-day: $252.00 (save $28.00)
3-day: $328.50 (save $36.50)
4-day: $355.50 (save $39.50)

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