Natural Remedies (E-book)


From yoga and music to foods and placental medicine, our Natural Remedies e-book is packed with over 150 pages of information that will help you in your practice.

Edited by
Cheryl K. Smith

Copyright 2020 Midwifery Today, Inc.

Published by Midwifery Today, Inc.

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Annette Wilson


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Natural Remedies

A Collection of Articles from Midwifery Today Magazine

  • Chapter 1: Bodywork
    • Incorporating Prenatal Yoga into Childbirth Education Classes
    • A Midwife’s Touch
    • Using Chiropractic for Optimal Pregnancy and Birth Outcomes
    • Shiatsu: Another Tool for Keeping Birth Normal
    • Prenatal Yoga
    • A Modern Midwife’s Experience with Ancient Maya Techniques of Abdominal/Uterine Massage
    • Merciér Therapy: The History Behind It
    • Twenty-Plus Years of Infant Craniosacral Therapy Practice
    • A New Relief Technique for a Common Pregnancy Complaint
  • Chapter 2: Sounds
    • Why Music Matters in Childbirth
    • Open Throat; Open Vagina
  • Chapter 3: Foods
    • Chinese Pickled Ginger Pig Trotters: A Restorative Meal for Postnatal Mamas
    • Healing Honey
    • Healthy Pregnancy: Fish and Oils
  • Chapter 4: Placenta Medicine
    • The Bridge of Life: Options for Placentas
    • It’s Ours: We Claim the Benefits
    • Placenta Handling
    • Consuming Placenta
    • Maternal Placentophagy as an Alternative Medicinal Practice in the Postpartum Period
    • The Power of Placenta for Hemorrhage Control
  • Chapter 5: Essential Oils
    • Labor Encouragement with Essential Oils
    • Essential Oils for Prenatal Nausea and Digestion
    • Of Lavender and Labor
  • Chapter 6: Herbs
    • Safe Use of Herbs during Pregnancy and Lactation
    • Raspberry Leaf—Wonderful or Wacky?
    • Herbs for Induction of Labor
    • Your Mother Will Help
    • Sage Femme
    • Homebirth Herbal First Aid Kit
    • Herbs and the Placenta
    • Herbal Management of Postpartum Hemorrhage
    • The Herbal Education of Midwives
    • Green Allies for the Childbearing Year
    • Yunnan Paiyao: Postpartum Friend
  • Chapter 7: Homeopathy
    • Ten Essential Remedies for a Happy Homebirth
    • Homeopathy for the Childbirth Attendant
  • Chapter 8: Miscellaneous
    • Easing Afterpains
    • Wisdom from the Midwives College of Utah
    • Prematurity and Kangaroo Care during a Disaster
    • Nipple Thrush: How to Identify and How to Treat
    • Salt: A Simple Treatment for Umbilical Granulomas
    • Some Traditional Umbilical Cord Care Practices in Developing Countries
    • Cord Cutting in the Framework of Neonatal Beliefs and Rituals
    • Balancing Chi and Integrating Feng Shui
    • The Art of the Sitz Bath
    • Maharishi Ayurveda for Postpartum Care
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