The First Stage of Labor (E-book)


The First Stage of Labor is a collection of articles previously published in Midwifery Today magazine. This e-book is full of helpful information regarding amniotomy, labor tips, induction, etc. This is a great addition to the library of any birth professional.

This e-book can be downloaded in three formats.

  • PDF
  • EPUB – This can be used on most mobile devices except Amazon Kindle devices.
  • MOBI – This can be used on most mobile devices including Amazon Kindle devices.

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  • Chapter 1: “First Stage: Preparing the Fetus Ejection Reflex” by Michel Odent
  • Chapter 2: “Managing First Stage Problems” by John Stevenson
  • Chapter 3: “Before the First Wave: Midwife Carol Gautschi Shares Her Views on First Stage” by Kelly Moyer
  • Chapter 4: “The Dynamic First Stage of Labor” by Marion Toepke McLean, Jill Cohen and Kimberley Mangu
  • Chapter 5: “The Times and Tools of Induction” by Sister MorningStar
  • Chapter 6: “Causing Labor to Unfold” by Alison Osborn
  • Chapter 7: “Laboring Women Are Not Marathon Runners” by Michel Odent
  • Chapter 8: “Nourishing the Mother” by Anne Frye
  • Chapter 9: “The Amniotomy Question: Examining the Pros and Cons of Rupturing Membranes” by Verna Oberg
  • Chapter 10: “Like Cures Like: Homeopathy for Labor and Birth” by Diane Gregg
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