Waterbirth (E-book)


Waterbirth is a collection of articles previously published in Midwifery Today magazine. The topic of waterbirth is discussed by natural childbirth experts, such as Michel Odent, Barbara Harper, Cornelia Enning, and Judy Edmunds.

This e-book can be downloaded in three formats.

  • PDF
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  • MOBI – This can be used on most mobile devices including Amazon Kindle devices.

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  • Chapter 1: “What I learned from the First Hospital Birthing Pool” by Michel Odent
  • Chapter 2: “A Lovely Way to Enter the World” by Judy Edmunds
  • Chapter 3: “Henry’s Waterbirth” by Christine Gibson
  • Chapter 4: “Aquadurals and Douladurals Replace the Epidural” by Judith Elaine Halek
  • Chapter 5: “Journey to the Water” by Kristi Zittle
  • Chapter 6: “Waterbirth Makes the Midwife’s Job Easier” by Samantha McCormick
  • Chapter 7: “A Landmark in the History of Birthing Pools” by Michel Odent
  • Chapter 8: “Benjamin’s Waterbirth” by Rhonda Shaw
  • Chapter 9: “Waterbirth-A Safe and Natural Delivery Method: Experience after 1355 Waterbirths in Italy” by Albin Thöni and Ludwig Moroder
  • Chapter 10: “My Waterbirth” by Simone Snyder
  • Chapter 11: “Waterbirth: Contemporary Application for Historic Concepts” by Cornelia Enning
  • Chapter 12: “How to Make a Portable Waterbirth Tub” by Melanie Moore
  • Chapter 13: “Waterbirth with a Blind Mother” by Cornelia Enning
  • Chapter 14: “Waterbirth and GBS” by Judy Slome Cohain
  • Chapter 15: “Waterbirths in the United Kingdom” by Dianne Garland
  • Chapter 16: “Waterbirth Basics: From Newborn Breathing to Hospital Protocols” by Barbara Harper
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