Midwifery Today, Issue 96, Winter 2010/11


Theme: Waterbirth

The ever-increasing popularity of waterbirth warrants a fresh look at an old practice. This issue examines new research on the benefits of waterbirth for babies and takes a look at how waterbirth can make the work of mamas and midwives easier. Craniosynostosis, belly mapping and the role of spirituality in midwifery are also explored, along with birth stories from around the globe.

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  • Waterbirth and GBSJudy Slome Cohain 
  • Journey to the WaterKristi Zittle 
  • Waterbirth Makes the Midwife’s Job EasierSamantha McCormick 
  • Henry’s WaterbirthChristine Gibson 
  • Waterbirth with a Blind MotherCornelia Enning 
  • Like Cures Like: Homeopathy for Pregnancy and BabiesDiane Gregg 
  • Birth as a Shape-shifterMelissa-Marie Marks 
  • The Birth of Jocelyn MaryErin Moyen 
  • Unusual Foetal Positions: Hand beside Ear—Jean Sutton 
  • A Tale of Two Births: The Healing Power of VBACKimberly Kovach Trout 
  • A Motherless MotherRea Bochner 
  • My WaterbirthSimone Snyder 
  • The Second Was a GiftLydia M. Josephson 
  • The Mindfulness of Midwifery: Creating a Practice with IntentJodilyn Owen 
  • France 2010 Conference Photos
  • Belly Mapping: Put Positioning into Parents’ HandsGail Tully 
  • Midwifery Education: Trauma or Transformation?Elizabeth Davis
  • With WomenMary Bernabe 
  • A Primer on CraniosynostosisMelanie Roder 
  • My Life as a Spiritual Midwife—Stephanie Dawn
  • Preventing and Healing Infant Birth TraumaAutumn Gentry 
  • International Midwife

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