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Media Reviews – Issue 141

Media Reviews – Issue 141 – The AIMS Guide to Giving Birth to Your Baby. Principal author: Deborah Neiger. 2021. (London: AIMS, £8, paperback.) Read more…. Media Reviews – Issue 141

Midwives’ Roles

I remember when I first started midwifery in 1976—after my second child and first homebirth—I realized that being a midwife included so much more than prenatal care, birth, and postpartum care. We were counselors, nutritionists, life coaches (for a year, sometimes more). We were also childbirth educators and doulas (although that was not a word we knew back then). Our roles are many, diverse, and unique, depending on the mom we are working with. Read more…. Midwives’ Roles

From the Editor: Birth Evangelism

So many women go into their birth experience with fear, rather than believing in the strength of their bodies or the matter-of-factness of birth. Jan and Harriette illustrate this changed view of women’s bodies with an example seen at an art showing. Read more…. From the Editor: Birth Evangelism

Media Reviews

Media Reviews – Issue 140
“Planet Ocean: Our Mysterious Connections to Water,” by Michel Odent
“Birthing a Movement: Midwives, Law, and the Politics of Reproductive Care,” by Renée Ann Cramer
 Read more…. Media Reviews

Enthusiastic About Birth

What is it about midwives and doulas that we just love birth, all kinds of birth? When we are around birth we are just over the moon and mostly ready to tell the story of that birth. Read more…. Enthusiastic About Birth

Media Reviews – Issue 139

Media Reviews – Issue 139
For Generations: A Midwife’s Tale of Hope and Help for Drug Addicted Pregnant Women and Their Families, by Mary Earhart

Birthing Outside the System: The Canary in the Coal Mine, by Hannah Dahlen, Bashi Kumar-Hazard, and Virginia Schmied Read more…. Media Reviews – Issue 139

Future-Thinking Midwifery Education: Birthing the Midwives We Need

The most exciting thing to me about the future of midwifery is the non-traditional nature of midwifery education in America and the potential it has to become a model for the world. Student midwives can train by apprenticeship at the same time they also earn college degrees in midwifery, without ever leaving their home community. This is a game-changer. Read more…. Future-Thinking Midwifery Education: Birthing the Midwives We Need

Media Reviews – Issue 138

Midwifery Today Media Reviews, Issue 138. Birthing Models on the Human Rights Frontier: Speaking Truth to Power and Reclaiming Childbirth as a Rite of Passage Read more…. Media Reviews – Issue 138

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