Jill Cohen

Jill Cohen lives in Mill City, Oregon, with two of her four children. After 20 years as a lay midwife she returned to school to become an RN. She is currently working in a small rural hospital as a primary OB nurse. She was the associate editor of Midwifery Today magazine from 1990 to 2007.

From the Editor: Thoughts on Third Stage

I have only had to do an internal bimanual compression one time. She was a redhead (although I do not believe redheads hemorrhage more). My partner, Monika, and I were at the birth, which progressed normally but was followed by a dreadful postpartum hemorrhage that followed the placenta. Read more…. From the Editor: Thoughts on Third Stage

Liberty in Midwifery and Birth

Jan and I were discussing our upcoming conference, titled Liberty in Midwifery and Birth. I realized that I did not fully understand the meaning of liberty, so I looked it up in the dictionary. I was amazed at the correlations between the meaning of liberty and the needs of birthing women. Read more…. Liberty in Midwifery and Birth

Post Midwife Power

I have had the opportunity to stand back from the front lines of midwifery and look at what midwives need to help them do all they do. One way I have done this is by referring pregnant women to my sister midwives. Advocating midwifery and natural birth is fun to do. Read more…. Post Midwife Power

Protocols: Finding the Balance

Birth is not fixed, nor should protocols be. The path can be paved for a viable working relationship between institution and midwife. When we transport we must adjust our protocols to include the interventions needed. Establishing a balance that allows protocols to adjust and change is practicing the art of midwifery.

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 Read more…. Protocols: Finding the Balance

Hands-On Care

Nurturing and protecting birth as a normal, natural process is the goal of our care during pregnancy. It is simple, noninvasive, necessary and deserved by pregnant women. Until we provide the care that each woman needs, we will continue to see more intervention and more unhappy families.

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 Read more…. Hands-On Care

Maturing Midwifery

I have the good fortune to be attending births with younger midwives right now. I see the future of midwifery right before my eyes. These women are smart, alert and have the same vision of care that I do. Read more…. Maturing Midwifery

A Word to Fathers

As a father, you play a vital role in pregnancy and birth. Since you are responsible for getting the baby in, you are also a major support for getting the baby out. Read more…. A Word to Fathers

The Prenatal Water Workout

While there is no formal documentation of outcomes of labor due to water exercise, I know from three years of observation what is true. It makes perfect sense for the pregnant body to gravitate toward a water environment. Read more…. The Prenatal Water Workout

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