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Midwifery Today Magazine

Where do the articles come from?
We publish articles from all over the world. Ninety-five percent of what we publish is original, although we occasionally reprint from other publications. Most of our writers are midwives, doctors, doulas, childbirth educators, academics or other specialists. A few of our writers are parents and journalists. Submissions may be sent to Please refer to our submission guidelines (for writer and artists) for more information.
Who writes for Midwifery Today magazine?
Our regular contributors include the following persons. Please click on a name to read a full biography.

What kinds of articles are you looking for?
Well-written technical articles by doctors, midwives, doulas, childbirth educators, nutritionists, herbalists and other practitioners. Birth stories that are beautifully written and have something to teach the practitioner. Stories about midwifery practices in other countries. Well-written academic articles on the subject of midwifery by experts.
How much do you pay?
We don’t, but authors whose full-length articles are published in our magazine receive a one year subscription, plus two copies of the issue in which they’re published.
How do I submit an article for consideration?
We prefer electronic submission. E-mail us at
How do I get permission to reprint articles?
Please call and ask to speak to someone in the editorial department, or e-mail us at

Generally, we allow teachers and practitioners to make small numbers of reprints of our articles so long as both the copyright of the author and of Midwifery Today are respected. Please be sure the name of the author and the publication and issue number appear on the reprints.

Midwifery Today E-News

How do I subscribe to E-News/manage my subscription?
Go to: to subscribe to Midwifery Today E-News or one of our other newsletters. To manage your subscription, please click the links at the bottom of any mailed newsletter.

Other Information

How can I find a midwife in my area?
Be sure to check your local phone book under the headings midwifery services, birth centers or childbirth education. You can also check on the following websites: American College of Nurse-Midwives/ACNM, Mothers Naturally (Midwives Alliance of North America / MANA), and Citizens for Midwifery. An Internet search is always a good idea: Just put midwife plus your location in the search box. (For example: midwife Eugene Oregon) You could also ask on your favorite forums or social networking sites. Be persistent, take care, and talk to as many midwives as possible to find the best fit—there’s someone out there just for you!

How do I become a midwife?

This question has a thousand answers. How you become a midwife is a very individual choice. If you have the capability, find a midwife to apprentice with. Firsthand experience is a great way to learn. There are also many distance-learning programs and direct-entry schools. Midwifery Today offers many resources for aspiring and beginning midwives: for more information, visit our Become a Midwife page.

If you’ve already started your studies, you may want to get the Student Midwives Package. It includes a one-year subscription to Midwifery Today, back issue Midwifery Today Issue 78 on Education, the Birth Song Midwifery Workbook and Birth Wisdom: Tricks of the Trade Vol. III. The Birth Song Midwifery Workbook is a study guide with 11 chapters that cover the basics of normal birth and midwifery, including reproductive anatomy, embryology and fetal development, nutrition and herbs, prenatal care and normal labor and birth.


With our magazine, popular Web site and well-attended conferences, we have a lot of options available to advertisers.

Some of these include:

  • Electronic/Internet – Midwifery Today E-News, Web page ads
  • Magazine – display ads, classifieds, calendar
  • Conference – exhibit tables, program ads, registration flyers, sponsorships
  • Other – mailing list rental

If any of these options sounds appealing to you, please read more at or contact us at for more information. We can help you develop a marketing scheme. We will also give you tips on how to implement a scheme that would include all of Midwifery Today’s advertising options.

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