Naolí Vinaver

A Partnership with Naolí Vinaver

Naolí and I have been working together, traveling and planning conferences for Midwifery Today since our first conference in 1992. She has presented possibly as many as 100 or more diverse and unique classes for us at events all over the world—from China to the Caribbean and all over Europe. Her teaching style is warm and inspirational. She presents a great balance of stories, insights, and evidence. I trust her because her information is accurate; it is also presented in a captivating style. Her deep care for midwives, as well as mothers and babies, always comes through.

We also work on articles for Midwifery Today magazine. Her writing style is as stimulating as her teaching! With her warm, loving personality, she is a joy to work with. She always has important information, intuitions, and ideas to impart.

As I searched through the many photos from conferences, I was reminded of all the good times and shared experiences we have had. I am so excited about our new partnership and the chance to collaborate again.

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Here is what she will be doing:

Midwifery Workshops Online

“The Art of Birth”

with Naolí Vinaver

This is a unique and comprehensive online resource, which shares Naolí’s didactic, practical, and technical wisdom and combines traditional and contemporary midwifery. She welcomes all midwives and, indeed, all people who are interested in the universe of birth, sexuality, and feminine empowerment.

From Naolí to you:

Dearest birth enthusiasts, I am teaming up with Midwifery Today, an organization that I have worked with and truly admire, so that together we can continue to bring the best opportunities for education to birth professionals, as well as pregnant and birthing women around the world.

I have been working and traveling around the world as a conference speaker for decades and have worked with Jan Tritten and her Midwifery Today team on many occasions. Teaching workshops and being an author for Midwifery Today have been enriching and delightful experiences.

We are coming together now, in these interestingly challenging times, to make available the new Midwifery Workshops Online “The Art of Birth” with Naolí Vinaver program at a very low rate to make it easy for you to sign up and participate. The program complements beautifully the workshops we will be able to do in person when the world will allow.

Welcome and thank you for joining us!

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