Midwifery Today, Issue 141, Spring 2022 (digital only)


Theme: Interventions

Midwives have many roles when they enter into a relationship with a pregnant woman. This issue contains articles that address those roles—which are myriad—as well as an article on the role of doulas. Along with that, we have included an article by Vicki Penwell discussing the importance of the first 1000 days after birth, especially in developing countries; a poem contrasting the midwife with the obstetrician; several birth stories; and reprinted chapter on promoting human rights in childbirth; and much more.

Cover photo by Samantha Morrone. Pictured: Midwife Lois Wilson holding baby Josie, a triumphant and beautiful 10 lb homebirth after two cesareans (HBA2C). Lois is a traditional midwife with a practice based in Matamoras, Pennsylvania. Read more about Josie’s birth here.

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