Midwifery Today, Issue 143, Autumn 2022 (digital only)


Theme: Induction: Why? Why Not?

Birth has its own timetable, but too often professionals want to speed it up, sometimes for the wrong reasons such as not having to work on a weekend or night. Our writers for this issue discuss various perspectives on induction.

Cover photo by Esther Edith (estheredith.com). Esther has served as a birth photographer, videographer, and doula for the last nine years. She recently stepped back from the birth world, but continues to share her beautiful work with us. Esther grew up in India, and recently started a chai business, chaigardenshop.com. She includes special blends for pregnancy and postpartum.

Pictured: Dad delights in his new daughter. Lifestyle Newborn photography by Esther Edith.


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