Spinning Babies: Quick Reference


Gail Tully

This well-illustrated booklet presents the key points from the Spinning Babies workshop and is like having a trainer in your pocket!


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Gail Tully, CPM

Spinning Babies Quick Reference will help experienced professionals find solutions to common challenges in childbirth progress, such as long or painful labor or stalls in the birth of a head-down baby.

The information will also be useful to parents who have watched the Spinning Babies Parent Class DVD.

Turn to the Spinning Babies Quick Reference when you need to check instructions on how to:

  • Jiggle
  • Forward-leaning Inversion
  • Side-lying Release
  • Identify non-engagement and ease baby’s descent
  • Solve a transverse arrest or ease pain in active labor
  • Support the cervix to dilate (don’t force it)
  • Open the outlet with smarter birth positioning
  • And more!
  • Author: Gail Tully
  • Number of Pages: 33
  • Format and Binding: Paper—spiral bound
  • Book Dimensions: 8 ½ inches x 7  inches
  • Publisher: Maternity House Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2021, 2017, 2015


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