Advertising Terms and Conditions

Advertising Terms and Conditions

Definition of terms

“MT” means Midwifery Today, Inc.

“Advertisement” (“Ad”) or “Advertising” means material or a message in any format that promotes an Advertiser’s brand or products
or services.

“Advertiser” means a person or entity that provides Advertisements, whether directly or indirectly or through its advertising agency, to
promote itself, its brands, or the products or services it offers.


The Advertiser agrees to pay the charges for Advertisements published or distributed, or for exhibit tables reserved at his/her direction.

Payment is due on or before the advertisement deadline.

Late payment may result in a late charge, loss of discount, cancellation of the Advertisement, and/or postponement of the
Advertisement to the following issue.


The ad deadline for Midwifery Today E-News is Thursday, 9 am U.S. Pacific Time, when publication
is the following Wednesday.

Deadlines for conference Advertisements vary. Please see the specific conference Advertising Opportunities information for details.

Ad copy is due on or before the Ad deadline. Ad copy submitted after the deadline may result in a late charge, loss of discount, cancellation of the Ad, and/or postponement of the Ad to the following issue.

Last-minute conference exhibits are generally accepted on a space-available basis.

Changes and cancellation

All verbal instructions regarding contracts or changes of any kind must be confirmed in writing by the Advertiser.

Cancellation of or changes to Ads will generally not be accepted after Ad deadline, and none may be presumed executed without acknowledgment from MT.

Cancellation of year-long/multi-month contract

Advertisers may cancel a year-long/multi-month contract by written notice to MT at least 10 days prior to the next Ad deadline. At such time, the Advertiser will be responsible to pay for any Ads already run as part of the contract at their full, not discounted, rate.

All such sums of money are due and payable before the next Ad deadline in order to cancel the contract.

In the absence of written termination notice from the Advertiser, MT is authorized to insert the last contracted Ad and bill the Advertiser toward fulfillment of the contract.


MT reserves the right to determine placement of all Ads and shall not be bound by requests for special positions, despite efforts made to meet Advertiser’s preferences.

MT reserves the right to refuse or cancel any Advertisement and to disallow any promotion or sale of any item at its conferences or through use of its mailing lists which, in its sole opinion, does not conform to MT’s standards.

Limit of Liability

MT’s liability for any error shall not exceed the single instance cost of the space purchased. MT is not responsible for errors in key numbers or other typing errors.

Conditions appearing on contracts or submitted copy that conflict with MT’s policies will not be binding upon MT.

All agreements are subject to acts of God, fires, strikes, accidents, and other occurrences beyond MT’s control. MT shall not be liable for any costs or damages if the terms of an Advertising Agreement are not fulfilled due to any such cause.

The Advertiser assumes responsibility for any and all claims that may arise as a result of Advertisements with MT and will indemnify MT against any claims or liability arising there from.

Any graphic or image provided to Midwifery Today, created by MT for an advertiser, or recorded at a Midwifery Today sponsored event after notice to participants, may appear in any medium for marketing or editorial use by MT.

Advertising Policy Notice: MT does not accept Advertising or conference exhibits for breast milk substitutes, pacifiers, nipples, or bottles. Other unacceptable Advertising includes, but is not limited to, duplication of products or services offered by MT, pyramid schemes, and any product or service believed by MT to be harmful to mothers or babies. Advertisements for breast pumps, pump accessories, and breast milk storage devices are generally acceptable. Any graphic or any image provided to MT, created by MT for an advertiser, or recorded at a MT sponsored event, may appear in any medium for marketing or editorial use by MT.

[Advertising Terms and Conditions Updated 06/19/20]

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