Eugene 2015

Midwifery Today Conference

Eugene, Oregon • March 18–22, 2015

“Birthing with Love Changes the World”

Archived Program of Conference (opens a PDF)


Michel Odent of France listens to Yeshi Neumann

Eneyda Spradlin-Ramos, Jan Tritten and Lo LaPorte having too much fun

Angelina Martinez Miranda of Mexico with Anita Rojas of Eugene

Diego Alarcon of Ecuador and his wife sporting their new Midwifery Today sweatshirt jackets

Slide from Fernando Molina’s presentation on Magical Beginnings


  • Wonderful to hear about work going on around the world to improve and expand midwifery care, and build awareness.
    Eugene 2015 attendee

  • Thank you, Midwifery Today leaders and staff for your love, passion, humility and enduring service to grow and give this amazing, nourishing conference.
    Eugene 2015 attendee

  • [about Breech class] I loved how all teachers went with the flow and kept the attention of the group, connecting in a more intimate way.
    Eugene 2015 attendee

  • [about Spinning Babies class] The session went beyond my expectations. I didn’t know we were going to have so many activities and hands-on practice.
    Eugene 2015 attendee


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