Fiji 2016

Midwifery Today Conference

Suva, Fiji • 20–24 June 2016

“Celebrating Love from the Beginning”

Reflecting on Fiji

by Jan Tritten

We had an amazing conference in Fiji. The midwives there responded so responsively to all they were being taught. Their loving openness was a joy for all of us to behold. Each morning began as a worship service. The midwives took an oath to basically put into practice all they learned at the conference. Read More


Fiji, the Land of Smiles
by Jan Tritten

It is interesting how visions and dreams work out. I always had a feeling that I would visit Fiji. There was a sweet spot in my heart for this country long before I set foot on it.

Facebook has proven itself to be a great way to meet midwives from other countries, and this is how I met sister midwives from Fiji. I made friends with Merewairita Valu, who then introduced me to Chandra Kanta. Sometimes you meet people on e-mail or Facebook and you know immediately that you are going to be the best of friends. That is how it was with both Merewairita and Chandra. Our like-mindedness was immediately felt and our concern for motherbaby and midwives was an obvious calling.

Read More


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