Harrisburg 2012

Midwifery Today Conference

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • April 11–15, 2012

“Midwifery: Skill, Wisdom, Culture, Love”


Rebozo practice

Rebozo practice

Betty-Anne Daviss as Stork, with Jan Tritten and Carol Gautschi

Angelina Martinez Miranda teaching rebozo

Angelina Martinez Miranda teaching rebozo

Betty-Anne Daviss

Gail Tully

Gail Tully, Jan Tritten and Carol Gautschi with models

Rebozo practice


Praise for the Harrisburg 2012 conference:

  • The most amazing, soul-filling, heart-bursting, LOVING conference. I am filled to the brim. Thank you so, so much.
  • [About closing session] “I like the sweetness of the sharings, which reflected much of my sentiments as well. I’m so thankful for the privilege to be a part of your lives. The learning for me is vast, and I’m confident it will continue to have a reverberating effect on my life and those whose lives I touch for many years to come!
  • This conference affirmed my path and helped to give me the confidence to walk down it. Thank you!
  • Quality for my time and energy away from family. Worth money to come.
  • Each session and speaker added to my understanding and development of personal philosophy.
  • I rate everything about this conference excellent because I received valuable information, was respectfully treated by staff, etc., and the conference was well run with a loving touch.
  • I am pleased with the new information I received. Will this be of use to my practice? YES!
  • It was stimulating, informative, with new research and new ideas. Really enjoyed the five days. Lots of choices and topics. It motivates all of us: new, old and burnt out midwives.
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