Harrisburg 2014

Midwifery Today Conference

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • April 23–27, 2014

“Out of Many, One: Unity in Midwifery”


Praise for the Harrisburg 2014 conference:

  • “I feel like I have a whole new insight into women and how intuitive they can naturally be.”

  • “Sister MorningStar blew my mind. She was such a wonderful breath of fresh air!”

  • “Great class [Massage in Pregnancy and Birth]. I really enjoyed the hands-on aspect.”

  • “This session [Tricks of the Trade] was really informative and interesting! One of my favorites!”

  • “Gail Hart’s knowledge and perspective on when a cesarean is necessary and being okay about that decision was refreshing.”

  • “The hands-on teaching is great! Gail Tully is so knowledgeable and open for questions and discussion.”

  • “Gail Hart: It was a pleasure being in your class. The laid-back format and the clearly explained rationale made learning easy. Thank you!”

  • “This conference was outstanding! I honor and appreciate your coordination, vision and leadership.”

  • “Thank you all for coordinating, planning and sharing a beautiful Midwifery Today conference!”

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