Supporting Trauma and Abuse Survivors (downloadable MP3)


Mindy Levy  

As many as one out of three women is a survivor of abuse, neglect, or violence. This conference audio will teach you how to identify these special women and care for them in a way that is healing instead of re-traumatizing.

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Certain aspects of the childbearing experience can potentially reopen emotional wounds, activate unhelpful coping mechanisms, and cause further trauma in women who have been abused. Mindy Levy discusses how to adapt your relational style to each woman’s individual personality in a way that meets her unique needs. Learn how to generate positive outcomes, ensure greater satisfaction with the birth experience, and facilitate bonding with the newborn in trauma survivors.

  • Teacher:  Mindy Levy
  • Total length:  Approximately 1.5 hours
  • Format: MP3
  • Recorded: Midwifery Today Conference in Strasbourg, France, 2016
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