Shoulder Dystocia (E-book)


An important read for midwives, doulas, doctors, and nurses about how to handle a shoulder dystocia. Filled with articles previously published in Midwifery Today magazine, this e-book contains top-notch information from the brightest minds in natural childbirth, including Ina May Gaskin, Gail Tully, and Michel Odent.

This e-book can be downloaded in three formats.

  • PDF
  • EPUB – This can be used on most mobile devices except Amazon Kindle devices.
  • MOBI – This can be used on most mobile devices including Amazon Kindle devices.

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  • Chapter 1: “Shoulder Dystocia: The Basics” by Gail Tully
  • Chapter 2: “Preventing Shoulder Dystocia” by Michel Odent
  • Chapter 3: “Shoulder Dystocia: The Perils and Possibilities” by Sister MorningStar
  • Chapter 4: “Management of True Shoulder Dystocia at Attended Homebirth” by Judy Slome Cohain
  • Chapter 5: “How Being a Homebirth Midwife Enabled Me to Learn about Shoulder Dystocia” by Ina May Gaskin
  • Chapter 6: “Once a Shoulder Dystocia…” by Marion Toepke McLean
  • Chapter 7: “Capable Hands and Calm Eyes: My 60 Seconds of Shoulder Dystocia” by Mary Ann Lieser
  • Chapter 8: “FlipFLOP: Four Steps to Remember” by Gail Tully
  • Chapter 9: “Managing Shoulder Dystocia” by Marion Toepke McLean
  • Chapter 10: “Shoulder Dystocia: A Heart-stopping Moment” by Brenda Matea
  • Chapter 11: “Waiting for Shoulders” by Gail Hart
  • Chapter 12: “Arm Behind the Back: A Shoulder Dystocia Complication” by Gail Tully
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