London 2003

Midwifery Today Conference

London, England • 26–29 June 2003

“Toward Better Birth: Evidence-Informed Midwifery”


All photos by Andrea Noll

Position for turning posterior babies

Jan Tritten

Enthralled attendees

We shared fantastic ideas at this Tricks of the Trade class.

Conference participants and teachers relax at an Italian restaurant (L-R): Andrea Noll, Elizabeth Davis, Jane Evans, a teacher’s sister, Sara Wickham, Lorna Davies and Jan Tritten

Traditional telephone booth

Beautiful buildings

Roundtable with Michel Odent talking about the situation of the world’s midwifery

Lina Clerke, Australian midwife, shows fantastic birth-photos to the audience

Roundtable with Jane Evans talking about maneouvre-free breech births

Sara Wickham

Thanks to Andrea Noll for the beautiful photos of London and the Midwifery Today Conference.

This conference dealt with some excellent midwifery issues. Jane Evans gave a talk about being at a labour without doing dilation checks. She expressed how hard this is sometimes, not that one might be needed but that the midwife gets nervous. We discussed the many ways to figure out dilation without invading the woman’s body. Sara always stretches our thinking as midwives by challenging our closely held beliefs. She talked about the many kinds of evidence from research to experience. Lorna Davies did a wonderful session on art for midwives and taught us how we can use this with the women we serve. I felt some of the deepest learning happened at this unique retreat.

There were also midwives from many different countries. A midwife from Iran came to the conference and shared with us what is going on in her country. She said most of the midwives have been fired so the doctors could do cesareans. Conferences have made us realize how connected the world has become both due to both positive and negative influences.

At midwifery conferences we are always moving our education forward. In this intimate setting we also got to know each other better and were able to care and share with each other.

love, jan

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