Philly 2000

Midwifery Today Conference

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania • March 23–27, 2000

“Mainstreaming the Midwifery Model”


Tricks of the Trade: Midwives share their wisdom in the tricks circle.

Katie, Jan and Cynthia, at Panchitos restaurant in NYC: Birth Change Agent Meeting. Just like Ol’ Blue Eyes sang, “If we can make it here, we’ll make it anywhere! It’s up to you, New York, New York!”

Poems from the Philadelphia Conference Beginning Midwifery Workshop

The following poems were created in groups of 6 women, using a line or word each woman in the group put forth relating to her calling in midwifery.


Time with women
Sacred embodiment
Time with women
Passion and love
Time with women
Deep connection
Time with women


God’s calling
Fearfully and wonderfully made
to unlock our womanly knowledge
Supporting women
Eye opener
Rush of knowing this is perfect


I am taking her place
Women need to know how
strong they really are
To experience
Power, Peace, and Respect


Trusting my instinct
A better way
A God-given passion for birth
Loving children


The persistent guiding flame
God has called me
Warrior woman of the tribe
Protector, defender
A strong voice from somewhere
Earth Love Energy—
God is here


I was called before I became aware
My intuition is calling
It is a spiritual calling
It is joy, compassion, understanding
It is love from the heart


  • Hi all. Got back from convention at almost 1 am this morning and had to go to class at 9 am, so needless to say I am very exhausted yet EXTREMELY EXHILARATED FROM THE CONFERENCE. I AM SO SORRY THAT OTHERS WERE UNABLE TO ATTEND BUT I STRONGLY ENCOURAGE MANY TO GO BEFORE THEIR SCHOOLING ENDS. The conference classes were wonderful…filled with power, energy, chock full of info….better than reading a textbook. This info is real life, what to do in a sticky situation, info that you would not necessarily get from a textbook yet the knowledge is PRICELESS. So many wonderful, empowering, strong, women..and strong ideas. I now have great friends for life from that conference who I felt like I have known for years. The networking is awesome….everyone wants to meet people, so meeting people is not hard. My son sure did not have a hard time meeting people….his new title is “the official door greeter.” As he stood and greeted everyone coming into the hotel. :-)The amount of positive and powerful feelings that I have from the conference are sooo many and soooo strong that my words above do not do them justice….the last time I felt this positive and strong was after the birth of my son. I went to the conference feeling like a student and I came out a Midwife.— A thankful student
  • I’m a midwife and have never left a conference feeling as nurtured and inspired—I so support what Midwifery Today is doing and what you’re about—Unity, loving and supporting women—bringing the best care to women— P.K., Philadelphia conference attendee
  • At the Midwifery Today conference, you will find incredible belief and support for the “radical” notion that women can give birth without IV’s, monitors, epidurals, etc. I also loved the honor shown to the home birth midwives, without whom, none of us would be here. I also attended the ACNM conference last spring, and it was not the same experience at all. At ACNM, there was a definite division between “students” and “midwives” and it wasn’t always a good thing. At Midwifery Today, though we were sometimes asked how many of us were students, there was an emphasis on unity and acceptance of diversity that was missing at ACNM. Although ACNM also had great educational offerings, not embracing the students, (ACNM’s future,) and each other’s diversity seems to me a fatal flaw in the organization. I understand why the program requires students to attend ACNM, but for me it was a very expensive lesson in what’s wrong with American midwives.— Allison, Student Midwife
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