Heloisa Lessa and Regine Marton

Heloisa Lessa is a nurse-midwife and got her masters in the subject of homebirth in an urban area of Brazil. She is an autonomous midwife doing homebirth in Rio de Janeiro a city with over six million people. She is coordinator of ReHuNa, the national net for Humanizing of Birth in Brazil. She also works with indigenous tribes and traditional midwives in the Amazon forest. She is a very active midwife and has organized large conferences about childbirth. The last one in 2005 was attended by over 2,000 persons from 15 countries.

Regine Marton, MS CNM RN, is a French and American CNM trained in the US. She had lived for more than 15 years with her husband and three children in Sao Paulo, Brazil, before she came to NYS to complete her nurse midwifery program as well as her doula prentice. She is now back in Recife, Brazil, and works for better perinatal outcomes in the poorest part of the area and collaborates closely with traditional midwives of the area. She also works extensively in preparing women for birth in water or on land with Aquanatal and Watsu. Her other fields of interest are public health, sustainable living for all, ethnobotany and religious anthropology. She is an instructor at Aviva institute where she teaches Spanish, Spanish for birth professionals, and Global health.

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