Pia Esselström is a midwife (graduated 2004) who has worked in the postnatal ward, the antenatal ward and labor-emergency duty/ward (the place where women first come when they come to give birth at hospital and all the pregnant women who have some problems in their pregnancy). Pia and a doula friend started their own business, called “The Nest,” for pregnant women and women who have given birth and their families. Pia is also involved with assosiation called Active Birth in Finland, responding to questions that people send to the assosiation considering anything and everything about pregnancy and labour. Most of the questions are about homebirths.

Pia tells us: “I have four children of my own and after birthing my second baby in water I got more and more interested in physiological birth, natural birth. My goals for international midwifery: getting our power and strengths together for better pregnancy-care and birthing for motherbaby and the whole family. I think that together we can do much more to make things better and at the same time enjoy doing it by getting together and spreading the love that is connecting people all around the world!”

Pia speaks Finnish, Swedish and English.

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