Katerina Perkhova and Veronika Nazarova

Katerina Perkhova, editor in chief Domashniy Rebenok (Home Child) magazine, journalist, photographer and mother of two homebirthed children. Katerina and her husband, Philip Perkhov, the magazine’s publisher and art director, say they first envisioned their magazine after their second child, Masha, was born at home, surrounded by a close group of loved ones. Their first son, Michael, had already introduced them to the worlds of “natural parenting” and “attachment parenting.” Katerina explains that, in the Soviet Union, information about natural parenting had been closed, like secret knowledge. Today, there is more than enough information available about natural childbirth, breastfeeding, using a sling, natural medicine, natural health, alternative education and a healthy lifestyle. With Home Child magazine, they hope to make these resources more easily accessible and to help parents separate fact from opinion, and scientific evidence from mythmaking.

Midwifery Today and Home Child magazine organized a joint conference in Russia in 2010. More information:

Katerina and Philip are planning to publish Midwifery Today magazine in the Russian language. For subscription information:

Veronika Nazarova is a family doctor and homeopath who has been practicing homebirth midwifery for 15 years. Her greatest life passion is gentle, undisturbed births. Veronika is convinced that knowledge and information give women and families strength to make their own choices. She works at Russia’s first Center for Traditional Midwifery (, founded by her friend and fellow midwife, Tamara Sadovaya.

Besides being doctor and midwife, she enjoys teaching other midwives, doctors and parents about normal physiology, natural ways of giving birth and living. For that she participates in Midwifery Today conferences, reads books, journal articles and Web sites in different languages and shares this knowledge with parents and colleagues. She has translated several homeopathic books from English into Russian. Together with her colleagues from the Wonderful Child Parents’ Center, Veronika developed the first Russian-language Web site on midwifery called Akusherstvo Segodnya at She is always happy to help parents and childbirth practioners make contact and find each other all over the world!

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