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A Selection of International Nutritional & Herbal Remedies for Breastfeeding Concerns

Throughout history, women from around the world have discovered remedies made from herbs and foods for specific breastfeeding conditions. The authors share some of those.
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About Author: Cheryl Renfree Scott

Cheryl Renfree Scott, RN, PhD, IBCLC, has been the senior Inpatient Lactation Consultant at Kaiser Permanente, South Sacramento, California, for nine years. She recently completed her doctorate in natural health, with special emphasis on the nutritional and herbal support of the breastfeeding woman. She is the author and editor of the newly published Herbal Galactagogue Compendium.

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About Author: Hilary Jacobson

Hilary Jacobson, born in 1956 in Los Angeles, lives in Switzerland with her husband and four children. She has the Swiss equivalent of an MA in music. She is a certified holistic lactation consultant CH.HU.SI. in Switzerland. Since 2000, she has moderated an online mother-to-mother support group on milk supply issues and is the author of Mother Food: food and herbs that promote milk production and a mother’s health.

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