Adapting Birth Services for Incarcerated Mothers

The Prison Birth Project shares the unfortunate situations of incarcerated mothers and their “inherently traumatic” birth experiences. Fortunately, the doula care PBP provides has had such an effect on these women that the cycle of violence is stopping in some of their lives.

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About Author: Vicki Elson

Vicki Elson made the film Laboring Under an Illusion: Mass Media Childbirth vs. The Real Thing. Her next film will be about what really works for labor. She has been a childbirth educator and doula for 28 years and a grandma for eight years. She offers a workshop called “Childbirth Education Essentials” and a low-cost, grassroots, streamlined certification program for childbirth educators. She is a volunteer childbirth educator and doula with PBP.

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About Author: Marianne Bullock

Marianne Bullock founded the Prison Birth Project based on her own experience with the criminal justice system. She has been working as a doula for 10 years. She lectures on prison and reproductive justice issues. She is an Ada Comstock Scholar at Smith College and mother to a spirited young daughter.

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