Coming to Twins

Forty-four years ago my calling to midwifery was initiated through women who had been abused, the extent of which created a need for individual birth plans. As a traditional homebirth midwife by training and practice, I have gone on to serve every type of community, focusing primarily on college-educated, back-to-the-land families, as well as Plain and farming communities. While the childbearing landscape has changed over the 3400 births I have witnessed, my devotion to individualized care has never faltered.

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About Author: Cynthia Caillagh

Cynthia Caillagh, TM, CPM, LM, is a traditional midwife whose 44-year practice, Matrifocal Healthcare and Midwifery Services, is based on the principles of holism and evolutionary childbearing biology. She has attended over 3400 births, assisting families with single, multiple and VBAC homebirth in primarily rural settings. Cynthia is working on developing a group of small birthing centers for an extended Amish community in Wisconsin.

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