Delphi’s Birth Story

Delphi’s birth was wonderful!
Delphine and her husband Éric are originally from France. They used to live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, with their two children, Samuel and Thaïs. We met because of our connection with the dolphins and the sea—first through the Internet and then through letters we sent to each other via midwife friends.

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About Author: Carmen De Alba

Carmen De Alba was born in México in 1974. She is an active, independent midwife who lives with her family in Boca de Tomatlán, by the Pacific Ocean. In 2000, she became a mother, and has two daughters born naturally. After giving birth, she discovered her midwife vocation and started studying as an empirical midwife, traditional style. Carmen is an Aqua Craniosacral facilitator, attended a waterbirth workshop with Barbara Harper in 2007, and continues to support woman birthing naturally. Ocean birth is her dream coming true.

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