Early Child Development: Setting the Basis for Effective Communication with Your Unborn Child

Even before conception, and during their life in the womb and the first year of extra-uterine life, all babies experience the feeling of being desired and loved, which is the source of all aspects of life, where there are no opposites, no judgments, no criticism, no condemnation, no discrimination; it is just pure love and surrender during the first phases of consciousness. …

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About Author: Fernando Molina

Fernando Molina, BS, MD, midwife, prenatal educator, researcher, and Midwifery Today speaker has been traveling a long career as a natural birth advocate in hospitals, birth centers, and at homebirths in Venezuela and the US. Fernando now lives in Eugene, Oregon, and is a father of three children born at home in Venezuela. Follow him on Instagram @magicalbeginningsfm or contact him at [email protected].

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