Giving Birth High

It happened on a cold winter night … inside a high-end modern car, beside a poor neighborhood of Mataderos, in Buenos Aires City. The car windows were steamy.… Some groans and screams were heard from inside the car.… Police cars and drug dealers were nearby….

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About Author: Marina Lembo

Marina Lembo has assisted in 4000 births in both hospital and homebirth settings. She is a pioneer in promoting and teaching the Canadian midwifery model of care to GPs and midwives in Argentina. She is the founder and former president of the Independent Midwives Argentine Association and led the lobby to preserve homebirth care in midwifery practice legislation at the Congress from 2011 to 2018. Marina is a technical expert in legal aspects regarding childbirth care and obstetrical violence, a lecturer, teacher, registered professional midwife, and mother of two children born at home. To watch her Ted Talk in Spanish, go to Marina Lembo: Parir drogada | Marina Lembo | TEDxSanIsidro.

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