Go Tell It: Using Media to Educate about Birth

How does one draw the line between resounding enthusiasm for vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC) and an accepting attitude towards one’s limitations? Many in the natural childbirth culture advocate a laissez-faire approach toward all VBACs, excepting the typical obstetric interventions of induction, continuous monitoring, and the like. These enthusiasts dismiss virtually any reservation. I have a unique perspective on this topic: My attempted VBAC at The Farm ended in a transport and full uterine rupture.

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About Author: Sharon Craig Economides

Sharon Craig Economides , LM, CPM, MMid, IBCLC, was born at home with a midwife. She has worked as a homebirth midwife, in community development, in birth centers, and in hospital settings in Russia, Haiti, the Philippines, Afghanistan and California.  She received her Master’s degree in Midwifery through the University of Sheffield in the UK.

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