Homebirth in the Time of Covid

Many homebirth midwives found that their telephones were ringing more often than usual sometime during the spring of this year. Couples who had planned to have their babies in the hospital were re-thinking that decision due to the Covid-19 virus. We began hearing certain themes: “I don’t want to go into a place where all the sick people are going.” “I don’t want to be separated from my husband/partner.” “My labor assistant (notice that I did not use the word doula, as my Greek friends tell me that the word is derogatory) can’t be with me; she would have to drop me off at the door at just the time when I would most likely need her the most.” “I am scared to be among people who have been exposed to so many others who may have been, or may become, ill.”

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About Author: Nancy Wainer

Nancy Wainer, CPM, has been a midwife since 1998 and involved in birth for much longer. She co-founded the first cesarean awareness and prevention organization in the world and coined the term VBAC. Her landmark book, Silent Knife: Cesarean Prevention and VBAC, won an award for the best book in the field of health and medicine. She attends births, trains student midwives, and is currently working diligently on her third book, Birthquake! A Childbirth Book for Strong Women and Women Who Want to Be Strong.

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