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Homebirth: Living a Life-transforming Experience beyond Fear

Fear during labor and birth at home must be addressed with a different scope than what the literature reviews tell us. Let’s go beyond what mind-body medicine has taught us. Now is time for the soul-heart-mind-body connection and the well-known generational transmission of stress response with which, according to midwife Anita Rojas, we now can change the message by transforming the energy of our “mamas” during prenatals or labor.

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About Author: Fernando Molina

Fernando Molina, BS, MD, midwife, prenatal educator, researcher, and Midwifery Today speaker has been traveling a long career as a natural birth advocate in hospitals, birth centers, and at homebirths in Venezuela and the US. Fernando now lives in Eugene, Oregon, and is a father of three children born at home in Venezuela. Follow him on Instagram @magicalbeginningsfm or contact him at [email protected].

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