Increasing Networks on Five Continents: The Primal Health Continuum of Pregnancy/Birth/Breastfeeding

When I make a presentation on conception/pregnancy/childbirth/postpartum, I generally have about 30 minutes to speak. According to UNICEF and United Nations (UN) reports, within this time about 7500 babies will be born in the world, while about 29 mothers will die as a result of pregnancy and birth (United Nations 2017). As ibu and lola, midwife and CNN Hero of 2011 Robin Lim said, “And I ask you to help to change this.” I was blessed to meet Ibu Robin and kiss her hands in Bumi Sehat, while spending a couple of days in her Bumi Peace Kitchen.

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About Author: Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko

Svetlana Demianova-Ponomarenko is a mother of two (one water homebirth), a PhD student, an activist for the rediscovery and protection of human needs in childbirth, an organiser of Miracle in the Heart social project (since 2014), a publicist, and an educator. She currently serves as the International Affairs Director for Miracle in the Heart project. To learn more, please visit

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