Integrating Maternity Care in China

The Modern Maternity Service System (MMSS) provides classroom training and face-to-face training in many hospitals across China. We have made many wonderful changes toward delivering respectful woman-, baby-, and family-centered care that supports the normal physiology of childbirth.
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About Author: Irene Chain Kalinowski

Irene Chain Kalinowski is a midwife, homeopath, author, educator, course designer and facilitator, international speaker, associate director of integrated MMSS China, founder of My Body My Baby prenatal education, and the new AHENY homeopathy online for childbirth professionals.

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About Author: Mengxue

Mengxue is a midwife, author, educator, course designer and facilitator, international speaker, founder and director of the MMSS China. She is also founder of China Midwifery Alliance, international midwifery platform and website (, President of Qingdao Huikang nurse training school, co-chair of China Maternal and Child Health Care Action Coalition, and director of China Medical Council for Promotion of Modern Maternity Science and Technology Development.

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