Midwifery and Chiropractic: Bonding for Life

In my professional experience as a chiropractor, I have had the opportunity to work with many midwives. I have come to learn that midwives and chiropractors have many similarities in approaches to health care. Both groups share an acknowledgement of, and trust in, the body’s inner wisdom. Chiropractors call this wisdom “innate intelligence.” When allowed to perform without interference, innate intelligence coordinates the responses to the body’s needs at any given moment, thus maintaining the body’s optimal health.

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About Author: Jeanne Ohm

Jeanne Ohm, DC, FICPA, has been a family chiropractor since 1981. She is the current secretary of the ICPA Board, as well as editor of its bimonthly newsletter and author of many articles. Jeanne is also the mother of six healthy children, all born at home. For more information about ICPA, visit www.icpa4kids.com.

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