My Birthing Experience: Inti Imani Albarracin-Miranda

April 20, 2008, at 3 am, a flow of water rushed out of me—my waters had broken. Immediately following, contractions began to come every one to two minutes, lasting up to a minute or more each time. We called our midwife, Ruli (a 69-year-old veteran with 300 births and six children of her own under her belt), who lived three hours away in the interior of the island, Orocovis. She let me know that she was on her way and to relax. Between sleep and waking, we timed each contraction and slept during the breaks.

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About Author: Vivienne Miranda

Vivienne Miranda is mother to two boys, who were both birthed at home in Puerto Rico with Ruth “Ruli” Delgado, one of Puerto Rico’s last traditional midwives, who recently retired after more than 30 years and 400 babies.

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