Placenta Medicine: My Story

I remember the day my midwife told me about placenta medicine, I cried. I loved that birth had so many blessings to offer our family, and this was completely new to me. I was so excited when Patricia told me she would gladly encapsulate my placenta for me and that taking it would ease the symptoms of postpartum depression (PPD) after the birth. Patricia Couch is an amazing midwife. With five kids and a demanding position at the birth center, she still finds time to help mamas like me honor our amazing placentas, and this is our story.

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About Author: Tiffany Rosenbrock

Tiffany Rosenbrock is a 23-year-old Sacred Waters mama from Eugene, Oregon, who loves life. She spends her days with her soul mate EG, raising their two sons Grey and Sevyn. She is a writer, artist and mother who aspires to someday be a midwife’s assistant and doula, or a gentle birth educator.

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