Prematurity Is Preventable!

Adequate nutrition prevents prematurity in many ways: by boosting the immune system to prevent infections that can cause chorioamniotitis and premature rupture of membranes; by supplying the body with the nutrients to support a full-term pregnancy; by supplying the liver with adequate protein, preventing preeclampsia.

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About Author: Amy V. Haas

Amy V. Haas has been a childbirth educator, writer, consultant and lecturer in the field of pregnancy and birth for the last 18 years. In addition to her other education, she had the honor of studying with Dr. Tom Brewer for five years. She is a founding member of Rochester Area Birth Network and is presently the Education Chair. She is the mother of two wonderful young men and lives outside of Rochester, New York, with a very patient husband and one demanding Chinook dog.

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