Preserving the Breastfeeding Relationship: Hypoglycemia in the Breastfed Infant—Fact or Fiction?

What to do when faced with the issue of whether to allow your asymptomatic, big, healthy baby to be tested for hypoglycemia? Confidently tell the nurse that testing of large-for-gestational-age babies is not supported by the evidence. Then put the baby to breast, knowing this is the best place for a baby to be.

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About Author: Meredith Goff

Meredith Goff has been practicing midwifery for 21 years in a variety of settings. She established Connecticut’s first CNM homebirth practice and most recently was founder and director of the Birthplace at St. Mary’s Hospital, an NACC-accredited childbirth center. She is currently director of Yale Women’s Health and Midwifery, a faculty practice of Yale University School of Nursing. See her personal profile, “Meet the Practitioner,” on the previous page.

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