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As a birth photographer, I’ve captured over 125 births since having my first daughter. Each story I documented was as unique as the woman I worked with; the myriad of birth stories I saw reminded me that life is full of both unforeseen turns and unimaginable beauty. I sat beside many of my clients as they saw their birth plans change drastically, and I witnessed the strength that women possess when they’re asked to do something that perhaps they had previously thought impossible. After I sent off an edited gallery of images or when I met with a client for the very first time, I found myself thinking how blessed I was to have found a calling that demonstrated the immense power of womanhood and sisterhood again and again.

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About Author: Monet Moutrie

Monet Moutrie is a birth photographer in Denver, Colorado. She believes that birth is one of the most profound experiences in life, and she’s honored to help families preserve and remember their unique stories. Monet Nicole holds a master’s degree in creative writing, and her studies have greatly impacted the photography work she does today. When not capturing a birth, you might find Monet at her favorite coffee shop or on a long walk with her 3-year-old daughter, Lucy, and infant daughter, Eliza. Monet credits much of her success to her husband and partner, Ryan, who has supported her creative endeavors from day one.

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