The Cost of Caring: Midwifery and Traumatic Stress

In this article, midwife Bonnie U. Gruenberg raises awareness around the issue of mental health stresses associated with the profession of midwifery.
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About Author: Bonnie Urquhart Gruenberg

Bonnie Urquhart Gruenberg currently practices as a certified nurse-midwife in the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, area. She is a self-taught artist whose paintings and photography express a reverence for life, the vitality reflected in the flash of galloping hooves or the eyes of a newborn child. She also enjoys Web design and has written articles for publications as different as Equus and the American Journal of Nursing. She cherishes her time on the trail with her horse, Fancy (The Pone). She is the mother to grown sons Mark Bryan Scianna and Keith Scianna and wife to Alex Gruenberg.

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