The Medicalization of Midwifery and Birth

The term “medicalization” refers to the process in which conditions and behaviors are labeled and treated as medical issues. Medicalized birth came about in the early 1900s with advances in pain relief, antiseptic and aseptic surgical practices, and surgical techniques and outcomes, alongside a rapid rise in people’s faith in scientific medicine.
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About Author: Mary L. Cooper

Mary L. Cooper has been a direct entry midwife since 1978, with 4000+ babies. Mary believes in all aspects of the birthing process, birthing women, and the full circle of birth (which at times includes death). At workshops, Mary shares this “sacred ground,” which includes: VBACs, twins, breeches, uterine death, birth anomalies, and healing births. She is a “caretaker” for elderly people, as all lives come to an end. Mary is thankful for the wisdom shared with her by women and babies she has helped.

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