The Pie of Midwifery Knowledge

It is always tempting, when speaking or writing about complex philosophical ideas, to look for simple, everyday metaphors to try to make sense of and explain those ideas to other people. Often, what you gain in being able to express your thoughts, you lose in attempting to simplify thoughts that should not be simplified, or in trying to put boundaries around ideas that should remain fluid and unbound.

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About Author: Sara Wickham

Sara Wickham is a midwife, speaker, bestselling author, and researcher who works independently. She runs online courses for midwives and birth folk, including the popular annual update on birth-related research and thinking, “Gathering in the Knowledge.” Sara is the author/editor of 15 books and 2021 sees the publication of her latest title, Anti-D Explained. She blogs and offers a free monthly newsletter for midwives and birth folk at and she (and sometimes her naughty black cat) are active on Instagram at @drsarawickham.

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