The Strength of Midwifery—Evidence on Two Sides

Global recognition of the importance of midwifery is growing. Recently, I was asked to contribute to a presentation that was being prepared for a large foundation seeking evidence that midwifery works. Due to time constraints, I was informed that we could have exactly two slides in the final PowerPoint presentation, which seemed not enough to make even a brief report on our Mercy In Action birth center outcomes in the Philippines.

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About Author: Vicki Penwell

Vicki Penwell is known by many titles—midwife, educator, nonprofit founder and director, student, mother, Lola, and her least favorite: new widow. She divides her time between living in the Philippines and the USA while training midwives through the Mercy In Action College of Midwifery, the Mercy In Action Diploma in International Midwifery & Maternal/Child Health, and numerous seminars and workshops, including a 10-Day Learn and Serve held annually at her home in the Philippines. Vicki has a Masters in Midwifery and a Masters in Intercultural Studies and is currently finishing her second year of a doctoral program in Creative Leadership.

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