A Transition from Medical Model Maternity Care to Women-Led Maternity Care

On an epidemic scale, women in childbirth today are being “cared for” by maternity health care personnel who take control and make decisions for them.…

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About Author: Sharon Robinson

Sharon Robinson is a 2000 graduate of State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate’s direct entry midwifery track. She was a physiotherapist (not a nurse) for 12 years prior to following her calling to become a midwife. In addition to assisting birthing women in the US, Cambodia, and New Zealand, she has traveled to Tonga, Benin, West Africa, and, most recently, the Amazon Jungle in Peru and Mexico where she has supported women to birth in the ways that they wanted. In an effort to inform women about the benefits of birthing under their own power and spreading positive birth stories, she is active as Sharon Robinson Midwife on YouTube and Facebook, so please feel free to visit her there. 

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