Turn, Baby, Turn: New Maneuvers for Turning a Malpositioned Baby

An obstetric nurse shares her maneuvers for helping to get a baby’s head out of the mother’s bladder compartment and into the pelvic compartment, then facilitating rotation from an occiput posterior position to an occiput anterior or occiput transverse position, saving the mother many hours of hard, ineffective labor and avoiding the need for a c-section.

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About Author: Linda Hawkins

Linda Hawkins, MS, hopes that all birthing women will be supported to birth in the way that God designed for each individual, with whichever birth attendant and in whatever surroundings the woman chooses. Linda pursued her nursing degree to practice as an obstetric RN and served birthing families for more than 10 years. She can be reached via e-mail at [email protected] for questions related to this topic.

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